About Us

The main purpose of the Irving Park Community Food Pantry is to provide nutritionally balanced food to our clients who are at risk of  hunger. In addition, we strive to increase awareness of hunger related issues to the community at large. Clients are often referred to additional community resources to meet the variety of needs that they may have that are beyond the scope of the Pantry. The Pantry also offers periodic nutrition education. We hope to provide our clients with other opportunities for learning and growth
throughout the coming years.

Our philosophy of service is to provide caring, consistent quality of service and an equitable distribution of available pantry resources to all clients. It is our belief that service offered and delivered in this manner increases and maintains the self-worth and dignity of each person. Value-based services like ours enhance the community as a whole and helps make our community one in which residents take pride, where people desire to live and raise their families as people of good will. Together, we are doing important work. Together, we are neighbors helping neighbors.