Client FAQ

What are the pantry hours? Wednesdays 9 a.m. to 12: 30 p.m.

Am I eligible for food? Yes, if you live in 60641 or 60618 West of Kedzie.

What do I need to bring? A valid ID with your current address.

What do I need to get homebound delivery for my neighbor? Come to the pantry and ask for Pat E. at Intake.

Can I apply for the LINK card? Yes, every Wednesday, same pantry hours.

Who can I talk to about Special Services (i.e. domestic violence, homelessness, legal help, medical help)? Contact Julie Kult, Client Resources Coordinator

Can I volunteer at the pantry? Yes. Contact Lee Stein, Volunteer Manager

My friend is homeless. Can you help him? Yes. Contact Julie Kult, Client Resources Coordinator

Can I get clothing at the pantry? Due to space limitations, we do not provide clothing. Although we do provide socks when available.

Can I get food and diapers for my baby? Yes, when supplies are available.

Can I come to the pantry every week? No–only once a month.

I haven’t been to the pantry in over a year. Am I still eligible? Yes. Check in at 1st-timer¬†registration table.

I have food allergies. Can you give me gluten-free, etc. products? No, although clients may drop food they cannot consume at our return box by the exit.

Can I pick up food for my friend/relative/neighbor? Yes, with a signed proxy. Come to the pantry and ask at Intake.