A Typical Distribution Day

What Happens on a Typical¬†Distribution Day?¬† Our clients are able to receive food once a month unless there is an emergency situation. We strive to provide our clients with nutritionally balanced foods such as dairy products, fresh produce, meat, and bread. Items distributed vary weekly based on available food resources. All clients are interviewed upon arrival. Proof of current residence is required. Clients who are out of our service area will be referred to a pantry within the client’s service area. While our clients are waiting to be served, we provide them with coffee and some kind of pastries or snacks. The food that is distributed is bagged by our volunteers based on the number of people in the client’s household. In addition to food, the pantry is able to refer clients to other social service agencies which may assist them with their current situation, as well as assist in applying for WebSNAP benefits. Other special services include Homebound Deliveries for qualified clients, Nutrition Seminars, to name a few.

The pantry also distributes other items (when available) such as toiletries, pet food, diapers, blankets, hats, gloves and socks. Clients are asked to tell the interviewer if they are in need of these items.

Find out about IPCFP’s Special Distribution Days throughout the year.