Volunteer Opportunity and Annual Report

Volunteer Opportunity:
The Irving Park Food Pantry is in great, and immediate need of an “early bird” volunteer. This job requires a fairly strong, reliable, dependable volunteer who can:

1) Be at the pantry at 6 a.m. every Wednesday*
2) Help set up the tables, food stations and folding chairs

Volunteer has the option of leaving at 8 a.m. when finished. *If possible, trade-off weeks with other volunteers can be arranged. If you are interested, please contact the volunteer manager via email or call 773-283-6296. Again, dependable and reliable volunteers are very much appreciated!

Be a Bunny for a Child at the Food Pantry!
The Irving Park Community Food Pantry again will be distributing Easter bags to its clients for their children on Wednesdays in March (Easter is March 31). We are collecting goodies (candy, snacks, small toys, etc.) for children in the age categories of under 2, 2 to 5, and 6 to 8 years old. For any questions, call the food pantry at 773-283-6296 and we will direct you to our Easter Distribution Coordinator, Vicci Rodgers.

Please take a look at what our little food pantry accomplished in 2012!
Read Irving Park Community Food Pantry Annual Report, 2012